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Eco Dent Between Dental Gum Natural Wintergreen Flavor, Gums and Mints
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    MANUFACTURER: ECO DentECO Dent Between Dental Gum Natural Wintergreen FlavorFresher BreathLong LastingNatural Cinnamon Flavor Eco-dentSugar FreeOral Care Not A Low Calorie FoodGreat TastingFresher Breath, Long Lasting.Helps Reduce Mouth Odors And Freshens BreathContains Baking Soda And Antioxidant VitaminsVitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin ENo Added Dyes Or Colors. Safety and Freshness Sealed ...

    Eco-Dent Gentle Floss Vegan Waxed - 40 Yds, 6 Pack
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      MANUFACTURER: ECO DentEco-Dent Gentle Floss Vegan WaxedHelps Eliminate PlaqueCEssential Oils MintReduces tooth decay and freshnes breath.No Plastic Box - RecyclableWith All-natural Essential Oils100% Vegan WaxedNo Beeswax

      Eco Dent Daily Rinse Ultimate Essential Mouth Care, Sparkling Clean Mint, Breath Remedy, Mouth Fresheners
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        MANUFACTURER: Eco-DentEco Dent Daily Rinse Ultimate Essential Mouth Care, Sparkling Clean MintAlcohol-free mouth rinseNatural essential oil flavorsBaking soda for sparkling fresh breath.Used And Recommended By Dentists, Oral Surgeons And PeriodontistsA Blend Of 12 Essential Oils With Coq-10, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Baking Soda For Sparkling Fresh Breath

        Eco-Dent Tartarguard Toothpowder, Fresh Mint, ToothPaste, Powders
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          MANUFACTURER: Eco-DentEco-Dent Tartarguard Toothpowder, Fresh MintNaturally effervescentEnzyme cleaning actionAirline SafeRefreshing tartarguard fights tartar and plaque with low abrasivityFresh, clean teeth. 100% cruelty- free. No dyes or sweeteners. All natural ingredients.All the benefits of Eco-Dent toothpowder plus the added action of enzymes to help provide tarter control ...

          Eco-Dent ultimate essential mouthcare natural daily rinse, Cinnamon , Mouthwash, Gargle|
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            Eco-Dent ultimate essential mouth care natural daily rinse, CinnamonIt is the premium natural mouth rinse product anywhere. Formulated with no alcohol and with an effective blend of essential oils and herbs, this product is perfect for both daily use as a rinse, or to cleanse and soothe minor mouth irritations or canker sores. The therapeutic level of baking soda provides effective soothing and cleansing action while helping to neutralize mouth acids. This rinse is the most highly recommended...

            Eco-Dent vegan floss premium dental floss, Display, Cinnamon , Floss, Flossers and Toothpicks
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              Eco-Dent vegan floss premium dental floss, Display, CinnamonReduces Tooth DecayHelps Eliminate PlaqueFreshens BreathGentler FlossingNo Plastic Box100% Vegan WaxedAll floss is not created equal! Eco-Dent floss is not only the most economical floss, but it has real benefits, such as being vegan waxed, and made with a blend of natural essential oils and enzymes to reduce plaque and help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Eco-Dent packages their floss in a cardboard carton rather than a plastic...

              Eco-Dent Between Gum Sugar Free Assorted Display - Trial - 100 X 2 Ea
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                Eco-Dent between gum sugar free assorted display, TrialBetween! Dental Gum is the perfect answer to improving your dental hygiene while freshening your breath at times when it is inconvenient or not possible to brush and floss. It is made with Baking Soda, Minerals and Antioxidants. Its Unique Baking Soda Formula helps remove plaque, clean and polish teeth and neutralize acids in the mouth.This sugar free gum helps reduce unsightly plaque formation. Chewing sugar free gum increases the flow of...