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Gas-X Extra Strength Antigas Thin Strips, Peppermint, Antacids and Laxatives
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    MANUFACTURER: NOVARTIS CONSUMER HEALTH Gas-X Extra Strength Antigas Thin Strips, Peppermint Relieves gas fast Individually packed stripsRelieves: Pressure, Bloating, Discomfort.Doctor recommended peppermint-flavored strips provide fast relief of gasGreat mouth freshening feel with mint flavorFast, effective, and convenient relief of pressure and bloating.Melt on tongue so can discreetly take them anywhere. And they provide a great mouth freshening feel too ...

    Gas-X Extra Strength Antigas Softgels,Antacids and Laxatives
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      MANUFACTURER: NOVARTIS CONSUMER HEALTH. INDICATIONS: Gas-X Antigas Softgels offers fast, effective relief of pressure and bloating that antacids cant provide. They are specially formulated with simethicone, the antigas medicine doctors recommend most for pressure, bloating or discomfort referred to as gas. Features of Gas-X Extra Strength Antigas Softgels : Pressure. Bloating. Discomfort. Easy to swallow. No chalky taste. INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients: Simethicone (125 mg). Inactive...