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Rugby HydroSkin Maximum Strength Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream USP 1 %, Itch, Rash and Bite Treatments
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    Temporarily relieves itching associated with minor skin irritations, inflammation and rashes.
    Sting-Kill External Anesthetic Disposable Swabs With Benzocaine - 5 Ea
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      Sting-Kill Swabs is effective on stings and bites from bees, wasps, mosquitoes, jellyfish.
      Top Care Calamine Lotion, Itch, Rash and Bite Treatments
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        Drying action plus itch relief.
        Wallys Natural Itch Away Oil, For All Skins, Itch, Rash and Bite Treatments
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        Wally's Natural Products
          Greatly works on mosquito bites, poison ivy and hemorrhoidal itch.
          Zanfel 30 Seconds Wash For Poison Ivy Oak And Sumac Rash Cream - 1 Oz
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            Zanfel 30 Seconds Wash Sumac Rash Cream is safe and effective wash for urushiol induced contact dermatitis in 30 seconds.