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Naturally fresh deodorant crystals foot spray, Foot Care
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Naturally Fresh Deodorant

    MANUFACTURER: TCCD INTERNATIONAL . Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals Foot Spray Made of natural mineral salts and is completely free of perfumes. It eliminates foot odor and will help to control athlete's foot. Spray it on your feet after you bathe and inside your shoes. Crystal Spray will leave an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria on your feet. It is unscented, non-sticky, non-staining and safe for the environment. Features:Eliminates foot odor. Stops Sneaker and...

    Odor-Eaters deodorant foot powder - 6 oz
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      MANUFACTURER: BLISTEX INC Odor-Eaters deodorant foot powderZorbitex technology.A powerful combination of patented ingredients and Arm and Hammer Baking Soda that outperforms single odor or wetness ingredients.Superior odor and wetness protection.Destroys odor on contact and absorbs 110% its weight in sweat.Keeps feet fresh and dry all day.

      Odor Eaters foot and sneaker spray - 4 oz
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        MANUFACTURER: BLISTEX INC Odor Eaters foot and sneaker spray#1 Selling foot odor and wetness product.Superior odor and wetness protection.Destroys odor on contact and absorbs many times more wetness than talc.Prevents most athletes foot with daily use.Dries crystal clear without messy residue.Apply to feet, shoes and socks.Guaranteed to keep feet fresh and dry all day.Easy spray nozzle for ultimate control. ...

        Original Strength Medicated Foot Powder, KPP  - 4 Oz
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        Gold Bond Foot Powder

          MANUFACTURER: AETNA FELT CORP. INDICATIONS:Medicated Foot Powder for temporary relief of pain and itching associated with minor skin irritations on the feet. Also formulated to cool, soothe and help protect against wetness or other foot discomforts.

          Outgro Pain Relieving Liquid relieves Foot Pain - 0.31 Oz
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          Outgro Liquid

            MANUFACTURER: PRESTIGE BRANDS INDICATIONS:Outgro pain relieving liquid with brush applicator relieves foot painTemporary relieves skin irritations of toes from tight fitting shoes, heels, arch and foot pain.Featurtres: Temporarily relieves pain and itching of minor skin irritations of toes, heels, arch and ball of foot.Temporarily relieves pain of skin irritation related to chafing from tight fitting shoes.INGREDIENTS: Active IngredientsBenzocaine 20% W/V.Inactive IngredientsAlcohol, D&C...

            Premier Soothing Foot Powder - 7 Oz
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              INDICATIONS:Premier Soothing Foot Powder Keeps Foot cool and Dry. Comforts tired and tender feet. These sprays cure most athletes foot, ringworm and jock itch. Helps relieve itching, burning and cracking associated with athletes foot and jock itch.

              Professional Heel Rescue Moisturizing Foot Cream, Foot Care
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              Heel Rescue Foot Cream

                MANUFACTURER: PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT RESEARCH . INDICATIONS: Heel Rescue Foot Cream is a thick, luxurious, yet non-greasy formula for Dry, Scaly, Cracked Foot Relief. This intensive treatment is specifically designed to penetrate, moisturize, and repair even the toughest cracked and calloused feet. Unlike other foot creams, ProFoots formula is non-greasy and quickly leaves feet feeling soft, silky-smooth, and revitalized. Not too greasy, Not too tacky and Not too perfumey. Dont be fooled by this...

                Bromi-Talc foot powder for hyperhidrosis, Foot Care
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                Bromi Foot Powder

                  MANUFACTURER: GORDON LABS. INDICATIONS:Bromidrosis foot powder is used for indications of both bromidrosis and hyperhydrosis. Combines the astringency of alum with the tremendous absorbency of bentonite and talcum.

                  Humco alum deodorant foot powder, Foot Care
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                  Alum Deodorant Powder

                    MANUFACTURER: HUMCO HOLDING GROUP . INDICATIONS: Alum Powder Deodorant Foot Powder use our deodorisng shoe powder in your shoes and stop the odour for good. Just a pinch in each shoe once a week and one packet will last a WHOLE YEAR. The shoe powder will last 1 year, making economical as well as a no-fuss product. Plus, due to it's bacteria and fungi-killing properties it can also be used to relieve foot and shoe odour, athlete's foot. ...

                    Micro-Balanced Lavilin Foot Deodorant Cream, Foot Care
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                    Lavilin deodorant

                      Micro-Balanced Lavilin Foot Deodorant CreamNow foods lavilin hypo-allergenic foot deodorant cream is a unique herbal deodorant free of aluminum and other harsh chemicals, yet so effective, just one application can eliminate foot odor uo to 7days without the need to re-apply even after showering.Now foods lavilin foot deodorant cream hypo-allergenic is water resistant.Sports, swimming and strenuous physical activities do not interfere with the effectiveness of now foods lavilin hypo-allergenic...

                      Thai Deodorant Stone Fresh Foot Natural Deodorant Foot Powder, Foot Care
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                      Thai Deodorant Stone

                        MANUFACTURER: HERB PHARMThai Deodorant Stone Fresh Foot Natural Deodorant Foot Powder100% naturalCrystal and cornstarch 24 hour protection and controls wetness naturally.No aluminum chlorhydrateUnscentedEliminates Foot Odor Helps to eliminate wet feet and eliminate odor. Thai Deodorant Stone deodorant is a natural crystal powder deodorant stone. Crystal Deodorant Mist, made from NATURAL mineral salts. These salts kill odor causing bacteria, eliminating the embarrassment of body odor. ...