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Swisspers Cosmetic Cotton Rounds - 12 Each
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    MANUFACTURER: U. S. COTTON INC. INDICATIONS: Swisspers Cotton Rounds are made of 100% Cotton and are ideal for make-up removal, applying cleansers, astringents and lotions and also perfect for lint-free nail polish removal. Cotton rounds are made of 100% cotton for quality & softness Cotton is a natural product, safe for all skin types, especially for the sensitive facial area Made in large or small Interwoven layers and quilted for strength More absorbent than synthetic Used to apply...

    Swisspers Multi Care Cotton Balls 100 ea / Pack, 3 pack
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      MANUFACTURER: SWISSPERS. INDICATIONS: Swisspers Multi Care Cotton Balls are softer and better absorbing than synthetic cosmetic puffs. The special blend of cotton and rayon fibre results in a very soft and absorbent product that is suitable for cosmetic application and removal, baby care and first aid treatment. Features of Swisspers Multi Care Cotton Balls : Beauty - provides greater absorbency and coverage for all your beauty needs. Ideal for the application and removal of make-up,...

      Swisspers multi care cotton balls triple size - 200 Ct
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        MANUFACTURER: U.S. COTTON INC. INDICATIONS: Swisspers mult care cotton balls triple sizeTriple size.100 percent Cotton balls or a mix of cotton and rayon puffs.Highest quality for maximum absorbency.Jumbo (Triple) and regular sizes. Used to apply astringents,Remove makeup and nail polish, Facial wash pad, Baby care and many household uses. Packaged in a resealable zip closure for easy storage. ...

        Truly Cosmetic Pads Round, 100-count, Cosmetics, Makeup
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          Truly Cosmetic Pads Round, 100-countTotal of 100 Pads100% CottonResealable BagVery Absorbent

          Annemarie Borlind Natural Beauty Cosmetic Sponge, Cosmetics, Makeup
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          Annemarie Borlind cosmetics

            Annemarie Borlind Natural Beauty Cosmetic SpongeThese are a great alternative to cotton balls. It can be used for removing cleansing lotion, rinsing the skin with clear water, applying face lotion, and washing off facial masks. Use these sponges for removing cleansing lotion. For rinsing the skin with clear water. For applying face lotion. For washing off facial masks. Before first use, rinse the sponges with warm water. These sponges may be boiled.

            Maja Dust Powder for women with Puff, Cosmetics, Makeup
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              Maja Dust Powder for women with PuffPowder with maja.An elusive fragrance made of rose, jasmine and other floral essences.It has suggested sophistication in spain for generations. When wear, it will feel both refreshed and special.Maja talcum powder smoothes and conditions skin giving a sense of freshness.Our exclusive formula absorbs moisture leaving skin supple, smooth and delicately perfumed.For daily use. ...