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Hylands Baby Homeopathic Earache Drops, Eye and Ear Medications
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Hylands Ear Drops

    Hylands Baby Homeopathic Earache DropsTemporarily relieves the symptoms of fever, pain, irritability, and sleeplessness associated with earaches in children, after diagnosis by a physician. Relieves common pain and itching of swimmer's ear. If symproms persist for more than 48 hours, or if there is a discharge from the ear, discontinue use and contact your physician.Homeopathic medicine to relieve the symptoms in a citric acid base to help neutralize the PH level in the earSwimmers...

    Hylands homeopathic Earache drops for all ages - 0.33 oz
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    Hylands stress and sleep

      Hylands homeopathic combinations earache drops for all agesRelives Ear pain FastClinically Proven100% NaturalHyland's Earache Drops may be used to relieve earache symptoms that accompany colds and flu, as well as itchiness and ear pain associated with Swimmer's Ear. Hyland's Earache Drops are safe for use with antibiotics, for all all ages.Hyland's clinically proven Earache Drops clinically proven Earache Drops relieve symptoms of:throbbing, pulsing painear congestioninflammationirritabilityTem...