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Red marine algae 350 mg  tablets, Sports Nutrition, Bars and Drinks
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Source Naturals Multi Vitamins

    Red marine algae 350 mg tabletsRed marine algae has been a valued food in Asia for thousands of years due to its highly nutritious qualities.Carrageenans, a family of polysaccharide compounds extracted from algae, have been studied for their unique properties.In vitro studies show that carrageenans aid in a cells natural defense by significantly minimizing the binding of unfriendly proteins to the cell's surface.Suitable for Vegetarians.Hypoallergenic.Contains No Dairy or Egg.Gluten free. Soy...

    Source Naturals Blue-Green algae powder, Sports Nutrition, Bars and Drinks.
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    Source Naturals Greenfoods

      Source Naturals Blue-Green algae powderHarvested in the prime upper regions of Upper Klamath Lake.Contains, phycocyanin, which is blue, and chlorophyll, which is green.Rich in vitamins, minerals and rich pigment nutrients, protein and amino acids.Suitable for Vegetarians.Source Naturals Blue-Green Algae is wildcrafted and harvested in the prime upper regions of Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, and is of the highest quality available. Its name comes from the two color pigments it contains,...