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Keri Nourishing Shea Butter, Moisture Therapy - 15 oz
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Alpha Keri Skin Care

    MANUFACTURER: BRISTOL MYERS PRODS. INDICATIONS: Deeply Penetrates Dry Skin for Intense Moisturization. Lotion with Shea Butter & Vitamin E. Keri Nourishing Shea Butter Moisture Therapy is an intense, creamy body lotion containing 5% natural Shea Butter as well as Vitamin E that hydrates and conditions dry, thirsty skin. Keri's Nourishing Shea Butter: Penetrates deep into your skin to provide long lasting, intense moisturization. Heals dry, irritated skin and helps skin retain moisture. Leaves...

    Keri Original Moisture Therapy -  8.5 Oz
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    Alpha Keri Skin Care

      MANUFACTURER: BRISTOL MYERS PRODS INDICATIONS: Keri Original Moisture Therapy Provides long lasting moisturization. Deeply conditions where skin needs it most and effectively restores lost moisture. Heals and conditions dry skin and with regular use helps prevent it from coming back. Softly scented. INGREDIENTS: Water; Mineral Oil; Glycerin; PEG-40 Stearate; Glyceryl Stearate; PEG-100 Stearate; PEG-4 Dilaurate; Laureth-4; Aloe Barbadensis Gel; Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) Seed Oil; Tocopheryl...

      Lactinol HX moisturizing therapy cream for rough and dry skin, fragrance free, Skin Care
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      Lactinol HX moisturizing cream

        Lactinol HX moisturizing therapy cream for rough and dry skin, fragrance free - 4 ozIt is a special formulation containing lactic acid a natural occuring moisturizer, which softens rough and dry skin.

        Moisturel Therapeutic Lotion, Dry Sensitive Skin Formula - 14 Oz
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          MANUFACTURER: WARNER CHILCOTT.INDICATIONS: Moisturel therapeutic lotion, dry sensitive skin formula effectively heals and moisturizes. Fragrance free protection. Dermatologist recommended. Quick absorbing, long lasting moisturel leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. Clinically proven, this skin protectant relieves dry skin and is designed not to clog pores. Free of lanolins and parabens that can irritate sensitive skin. It helps prevent and temporarily protects chafed, chapped, cracked or...

          Natures Answer Oleopein Olive leaf alcohol free promotes healthy body, Therapeutic Skin Care.
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          Natures answer

            Nature's Answer oleopein olive leaf alcohol free promotes healthy bodyOlive is a small evergreen tree native to Mediterranean regions. The characteristic green to blue-black fruit of this tree yields a useful, edible oil. Both the oil and the dried green-grayish colored leaves are used medicinally. The olive tree has been held in high esteem throughout history. Moses reportedly decreed that men who cultivated the leaf be exempt from serving in the army. The oil is symbolic of purity and...

            Natures Answer pure vegetable Glycerin extract alcohol free, Therapeutic Skin Care.
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            Natures answer

              INDICATIONS:Nature's Answer pure vegetable glycerin extract alcohol freePure Vegetable Glycerin, provides noiurishing support to the skin. Pure Vegetable Glycerin contains an array of healing properties that help in soothing and moisturizing tired and irritated skin. Safe for internal use.Alcohol-Free ExtractCoconut DerivedHolistically BalancedBenefit of using an alcohol-free extractFirstly, many people simply do not like to use alcohol as they strive towards healthier living. Others may not...

              Nutraderm advanced formula therapeutic lotion for extra dry skin, Skin Care
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                Nutraderm advanced formula therapeutic lotion for extra dry skinSoothes, softens and forms a protective barrier to help retain moisture.Formulated with alpha hydroxy moisturizer soothes and protects dry and sensitive skin.Its with alpha hydroxy moisturizers for extra dry skin and helps renew the skins natural ability to retain moisture.It is resists washing off and non comedogenic (wont clog pores) and recommended by dermatologists.It help soothes, softens and forms a protective barrier to...

                Panthoderm therapeutic skin cream jar, Skin Care
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                Panthoderm Cream

                  Panthoderm therapeutic skin cream jarPanthoderm is a specially formulated cream with dexpanthenol to maintain soft and smooth skin. Use on hands and body for a wide range of dry skin conditions. Panthoderm Cream also contains camphor and menthol to promote softer, smoother skin and long-lasting soothing for dry, irritated skin. It contains dexpanthenol, the provitamin of pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5). Provitamin B5 is known to penetrate the hair, skin, and nails and act from within....

                  Pen-Kera Rich Therapeutic Moisturizing Creme Fragrance-Free, Skin Care
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                  Pen Kera

                    MANUFACTURER: B F ASCHER & CO. INDICATIONS: Pen Kera Therapeutic Moisturizing Creme Features: Moisturizing creme recommended by dermatologists. Restores moisture by replacing skin's natural moisturizing elements. Safe for even the most sensitive skin. Dye-free. Lanolin-free. Fragrance-free. Dry, sensitive skin now has found relief in Pen Kera. Its unique formula to replace natural components missing in dry skin. Pen Kera locks in moisture for up to 8 hours by penetrating the keratin layer and...

                    Renucell Restorative Fast acting Healing Cream, Skin Care - 2.5 oz
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                      MANUFACTURER: NFINITE HEALTHCARE PARTNERS L Renucell Restorative Fast acting Healing Cream Soothes and restores problem skinAbsorbs quicklyNatural and SafeDesigned for dry cracked skin problemshelps rehydrate, revitalize and restore vitality to damaged skin.PHYOXOLIN represents the culmination of extensive research into the therapeutic properties of a novel patented extract of Centipeda Cunninghamii. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of PHYOXOLIN act simultaneously, producing a...

                      Skin Doctors Vein Away Plus Cream, Acne and Blemish Care
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                      Skin Doctors

                        Skin Doctors Vein Away Plus CreamReduce the appearance of visible spider veins, broken capillaries and burst blood vessels in just weeks.This specialised spider vein formulation contains phytotonine, a botanical complex scientifically shown to decrease visible discolouration by 24% and reduce the appearance of extravascular blood flow (responsible for spider veins) by 25% in less than 4 weeks.

                        Therapeutic Relief Gel, Therapeutic Skin Care
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                          Therapeutic Relief GelExternal analgesicTemporarily reduces minor muscle and joint aches and associated with muscle strales, sprains and bruises.