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Masada PsoriaLeve therapeutic skin calming cream with dead sea minerals, Therapeutic Skin Care.
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Masada Skin Care

    INDICATIONS:Masada PsoriaLeve therapeutic skin calming cream with dead sea mineralsIt contains Eugenol from clove oil as a natural, anti-itch topical anesthetic to temporary relieve psoriasis symptoms. This is a totally natural cream and works best when applied after a soak in Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts. Also helpful for temporary relief of rashes and itching due to mosquito and bee bites. Convenient 6 oz. tube.INGREDIENTS: Deionized water, dead sea minerals, glycerin, aloe vera gel,...

    Mushatts No. 9 Psoriasis Medicated and Moisturizing Skin Ointment, Therapeutic Skin Care
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      Mushatts No. 9 Psoriasis Medicated and Moisturizing Skin OintmentIt includes Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile Flower Oil, Coconut Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil and Evening Primrose Oil. This unique combination of natural ingredients with Coal Tar, Urea and Zinc Oxide creates an intensive formula that has been used with great effect for many years.Helps Stop Itching and FlakingEliminates rednessReduces scalingControls recurrenceFor the relief of symptoms associated with psoriasis and/or seborrheic...

      Premium Triple paste triple cream baby severe dry skin or eczema care baby skin cream, Skin Care
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      Triple Cream

        MANUFACTURER: SUMMERS LABORATORIES INC.INDICATIONS: Premium Triple paste triple cream severe dry skin or eczema care skin creamNew from the makers of triple paste premium therapy for baby's severe dry skin. Healing, soothing and moisturizing premium therapy for babys severe dry skin. It is formulated to be the healing, problem-solving moisturizer for your baby and other members of the family (even you). Its first class, elegant treatment for distressing problem dry skin.INGREDIENTS: Water...

        Skincylic Skin Cleanser For Psoriasis, Therapeutic Skin Care
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          Skincylic Skin Cleanser For PsoriasisAbrasive soaps can often leave skin feeling dry and psoriasis irritated.Medicated skincylic skin cleanser is specially formulated to clean, moisturize, and soothe dry, sensitive skin while reducing the irritation that regular soaps can cause.Designed specifically for psoriasis suffers, skincylic skin cleanser contains willowherb and other mineral oils the same unique combination of natural extracts used throughout the skinzinc system and will give relief...

          Triton Mg 217 intensive strength medicated tar ointment for psoriasis, Skin Care
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          Mg 217

            MANUFACTURER: TRENTON. INDICATIONS: Mg 217 Intensive Strength Medicated Tar Ointment for Psoriasis Relives itching, redness, scaling and moisturizes skin. MG217 Medicated Tar Ointment is specially formulated to control the itching, redness and scaling from skin psoriasis. The moisturizing ointment base penetrates into the skin, keeping it soft and locking in moisture while the coal tar is at work. Relieves itching, redness and scaling. Helps prevent recurrence of psoriasis symptoms. Ointment...