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Betty Lous Just Great Stuff Bar Organic Cacao Acai, Chocolates
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Our Price:$23.94
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Just Great Chocolates
    Healthy nuts and chocolate gives delicious taste.
    Cella covered cherry dark chocolate, Contains soy and milk, Chocolates and Candy
    Retail: $28.60
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    Cella chocolates
      It is upscale with liquid-filled treats available in decadent milk.
      Dove Dark Chocolate Bar, Chocolates
      Retail: $22.01
      Our Price:$19.65
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      Dove Chocolate
        Provide you with an exceptional, silky smooth chocolate experience.
        Kind Bar Nut And Spice Bar, Dark Chocolate Nuts And Sea Salt - 1.4 Oz, 12 Pack
        Retail: $25.08
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        Kind Fruit & Nut Bars
          With 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber.
          NuGo Nutrition Dark Bar Mocha Chocolate, Chocolates
          Retail: $19.58
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          Nugo Nutrition Bars
            Healthy and delicious dairy free protein bar.
            NuGo Nutrition Slim Bar Raspberry Truffle, Chocolates
            Retail: $19.80
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            Nugo Nutrition Bars
              Helps to feel full and stay full in between meals.
              Peter paul mounds bars, sweetened coconut flakes, Chocolates and Candy
              Retail: $55.44
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              Mounds Bars
              Peter Paul Mounds Bars, Sweetened Coconut Flakes provide mounds candy bar and enjoy the taste of sweet coconut dipped in rich, dark chocolate.
              Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Flavor, Chocolates
              Retail: $19.80
              Our Price:$16.50
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              Zone Perfect
                Rich in antioxidants, vitamins C, E and selenium.
                Hersheys Chocolates, Special Dark Bar - 1.45 Oz Each, 36 Pieces
                Retail: $55.44
                Our Price:$37.80
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                Hersheys Special Dark
                Provides the dark chocolate for milk chocolate lovers.
                Kind Plus Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Plus Protein, Gluten Free Bars, Chocolates
                Retail: $3.20
                Our Price:$2.11
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                Kind Fruit & Nut Bars
                  Low glycemic index and Good source of fiber.
                  MR. Goodbar Chocolate Bar - 1.75 Oz Each, 36 Pieces
                  Retail: $55.44
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                  Hersheys MR. Goodbar
                  MR. Good bar Chocolate Bar is a combination of crunchy peanuts in milk chocolate.
                  NuGo Dark Chocolate Chip, Dairy Free Bar, Chocolates
                  Retail: $18.12
                  Our Price:$16.20
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                  Nugo Nutrition Bar
                    Helps to neutralize free radicals and protect body from cell damage.
                    Think Thin Dark Chocolate Bars, Gluten Free, Chocolates
                    Retail: $16.80
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                    Think Products
                      Support overall health and weight wellness for people on the go.