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Naturade Vegan Smart All-In-One Nutritional Shake Chocolate, Chocolates
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    Supports a healthy brain, heart and circulatory system.
    Nestle Butterfinger Chocolate Candy Bars, Chocolates
    Retail: $39.55
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    Nestle Chocolates
      Unique combination of crisped, crunched, peanut buttery taste and texture.
      Nugo Nutrition Gluten Free Bar Dark Chocolate Trail Mix - 1.59 Oz, 12 Ea
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      Nugo Nutrition Bars
        With 9g protein, cranberries and pumpkin seeds, almonds.
        Reeses king size peantut butter cups, minis, Chocolates and Candy
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        Hersheys Reeses
        Milky chocolate with conveniently unwrapped mini cups.
        Hershey Chocolates Lancaster Caramel Soft Chews, Chocolates
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        Hershey Chocolates
          Authentic flavor of rich, buttery caramel in a soft creme.
          Hersheys Almondjoy Milk Coconut And Chocolate Bar, King Size, Chocolates
          Retail: $49.06
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          Almond Joy Chocolates
            Escape from the daily routine by enjoying sweet coconut and two whole crunchy almonds in creamy milk chocolate.
            Snickers Rockin Nut Road Bar Singles, Chocolates
            Retail: $27.84
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              Almonds, caramel, and marshmallow-flavored nougat wrapped in dark chocolate.
              Zone Perfect Sweet N Salty Trail Mix, Chocolates
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              Zone Perfect
                Delicious chocolaty candy bar with all vitamins and mixed nuts.