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Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet Device 957 - 1 ea
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Accu-Chek Lancets

    MANUFACTURER: ROCHE DIAGNOSTICKS CORP. INDICATIONS: Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet Device A virtually pain-free way to obtain a drop of blood. With Comfort Dial lancet depth selection. Includes 25 Softclix Lancets. Unique comfort dial depth adjustment allows eleven settings for virtually pain free samplings. Less pain means better compliance. Includes 25 lancets. DIRECTIONS: See Package For Details. ...

    Accu-Chek Sterile Soft Touch Lancets - 100 ea
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    Accu-Chek Lancets

      MANUFACTURER: ROUCHE DIGNOSTICS CORP. INDICATIONS: Accu-Chek Sterile Soft Touch Lancets Sterile, 28-guage and 50% thinner for pain-free sampling. Provides a thin, comfortable needleDIRECTIONS: If you are using a fingerstick device, refer to the manufacturer's insert that came with the device. Wash hands with soap and warm water. Dry well. Twist off the plastic lancet cap from the top of a Soft Touch Lancet. With a quick firm motion, prick the side of a cleansed fingertip with the lancet....

      Accu-Chek sterile softclix lancets, Diabetes Care
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      Accu-Chek Lancets

        MANUFACTURER: ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS CORP. INDICATIONS: Accu-Chek Sterile Softclix Lancets Sterile, 21-guage easy-to-use lancets. Minimizes discomfort and uniquely designed for accurate penetration. Use only with the Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet Device. Sterile, 21-guage easy-to-use lancets. DIRECTIONS: Unscrew the cap from the Accu-Chek Softclix device. Insert a new Accu-Chek Softclix lancet in the lancet holder. It is properly positioned when you feel it snap into place. To remove the protective cap...

        FreeStyle Sterile Lancets, #13001-0, diabetes care
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        Freestyle Lancets

          MANUFACTURER: ABBOTT DIABETES CARE INDICATIONS:FreeStyle Sterile Lancets FreeStyle Lancets are made from very thin, 25 gauge stainless steel for comfort, and sterilized for your protection. FreeStyle Lancets also fit almost all other lancing devices. DIRECTIONS:Wash the selected test site with warm soapy water and dry. Insert lancet into the FreeStyle lancing device and twist off the safety cap. Lance your forearm with the lancing device and hold it in place until you see a sample the size of...

          Medicool pen plus diabetic case - 1 ea
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            Medicool pen plus diabetic caseSafest way to transport injectable medications that require cooling.Includes refreezable gel pack.Plus - Additional compartments for testing supplies and gel pack.For vials or pens.Cools for hours.Protective pocket for meters & more.Securely holds vial, pens, syringes and many other medical supplies.Special insulating fabric allows cool air to pass through, yet prevents moisture from contacting supplies.3-Zippered compartments.Removable hand strap.Refreezable...

            Microlet 2 Glucose Monitoring Test Lancing Device, Diabetes Care
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            Bayer Glucose Monitors

              MANUFACTURER: BAYER HEALTHCARE-DIABETES CARE . INDICATIONS: Microlet 2 Glucose Monitoring Test Lancing DeviceSimple, Smooth Testing. Easy to grip design with large buttons. Adjustable lancing depths. Uses narrow gauge size needle for smoother testing. The new Microlet 2 lancing device has an ergonomic and compact design for simple, smooth testing. And with 5 depth settings to choose from, the Microlet2 can be adjusted to ensure that you get the right amount of blood the first time. ...

              Microlet Sterile Lancets By Bayer Health Care - 100 ea
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              Bayer lancets

                MANUFACTURER: BAYER DIAGNOSTIC. INDICATIONS: Lancets Microlet - Box of 100 Sterile Lancets for use with Microlet Adjustable Lancing Device. DIRECTIONS: See Package Details.

                One Touch sure soft disposable lancing device, regular, Diabetes Care
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                OneTouch Suresoft

                  One touch sure soft disposable lancing device, regularOnetouch suresoft lancing devices are comfortable, safe and simple.Electro-polished technology for patient comfort.Distinctive wing design prevents reloading and reusing.Comfort grips are easy to hold and use.Needle produces more blood than acid-washed devices allowing smaller gauge needles to be used.

                  OneTouch Delica Lancets, 33 gauge, Diabetes Care
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                  OneTouch Lancets

                    OneTouch Delica Lancets, 33 gaugeLess motion.More control.More comfortable testing.Advanced glide control system.Works only with the onetouch delica lancing device.More comfortable testing (Response from study subjects when asked to compare onetouch delica to their current lancing device).Glide control for more precise lancing.Reduced vibration for smoother lancing.Thinnest needle from onetouch. ...

                    OneTouch penlet plus adjustable blood sampler with 25 lancets , Diabetes Care
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                    OneTouch Penlet

                      MANUFACTURER: LIFESCAN INC. INDICATIONS: OneTouch Penlet Plus the blood sampler with the gentle touch. The new PenLet Plus adjustable blood sampler was specifically designed to make testing your blood less painful and more convenient. Reduces pain with pecision punctures at any depth. Replaces the widely used penlet II sampler. DIRECTIONS: Simply push forward on the ejection/cocking lever with your fingertip to release the lancet directly into a sharps container. ...

                      Owen Mumford Unilet ComforTouch Lancets, #AT0465, Diabetes Care
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                        MANUFACTURER: OWEN MUMFORD. INDICATIONS: Features of Unilet ComforTouch Lancets Special ultra-thin needle with Duosharp point for more comfort. Protective cap for safe disposal. Can be used with Most major sampling devices. 28 gauge needle.

                        Preferred Plus SuperThin Lancets, 30 Gauge, Diabetes Care
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                          MANUFACTURER: PREFFERED PLUS PRODUCTS. INDICATIONS: The Super Thin 30 Gauge Lancets are compatible with all Freestyle Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems. 100 Sterile Lancets come in each box. The Super Thin Lancets are made from very thin, 30 gauge stainless steel for comfort, and sterilized for your protection. Super Thin Lancets also fit almost all other lancing devices. Preferred Plus SuperThin Lancets, 30 GaugeFor use with all Freestyle Glucose Monitoring Systems. 100 sterilized stainless...