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Freestyle Insulinx Blood Glucose Test Strips, Diabetes Care
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Freestyle Test Strips

    Freestyle Insulinx Blood Glucose Test StripsEasy to usePatented zipwik tabs target the blood sample for easy application and fast uptake.No coding required means one less step.Proven accuracy.Minimizes interference from 22 common substances.

    Medquip fingertip pulse oximeter #MQ3000 - 1 ea
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      INDICATIONS:Medquip fingertip pulse oximeter #MQ3000 - 1 eaThe MQ3000 is intended for noninvasive spot-check oxygen saturation measurements of thearterial hemoglobin (SpO2). This product is ideal for both adult and pediatric patients.Features:SpO2%, and Pulse Rate Large LED DisplayEasy to UseTests both Pediatric and AdultLight, Compact DesignPocket Size ConvenienceWeight is 50g including batteriesPowered by two AAA batteriesLow Battery indicatorAuto Power OffProduct Specifications:LED...

      Nova Max Blood Glucose Test Strips, Diabetes Care
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      Nova Max

        MANUFACTURER: SANVITA MEDICAL PROD. DIV. INDICATIONS: Nova Max Test Strips require no coding, a small blood sample of . 3 microliters and come in a large easy to open vial. These strips can also be used on the BD Logic Monitors and Paradigm monitors. Control range 100-145 mg/dL. INGREDIENTS: Glucose Oxidase (aspergillus niger WARNINGS: Contents contain small parts. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use if expiration date has passed. Use within 3 months of opening test strip vile....

        OneTouch Ultra Test Strips, Blue, Diabetes Care
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        OneTouch Ultramini

          OneTouch Ultra Test Strips, BlueOne touch ultra test strips use a fastdraw design to automatically draw blood into the strip, making blood glucose testing fast, simple and less painful for anyone with diabetes.One touch test strips provide precise test results and are economical because the one touch ultra test strips are covered at the lowest co-pay by more health plans than any other diabetes test strips.

          Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Test Strips, Diabetes Care
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          Precision Glucose Test Strips

            Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Test StripsSimple two-step testing procedure. Medisense Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Test Strips Clinical Accuracy TrueMeasure technology to assure accuracy. Easy End-fill strips use extremely small blood samples.Clinical Accuracy:True Measure technology to assure accuracy.Easy:End-fill strips use extremely small blood samples.Contents:100 blood glucose test strips.Glucose test strip calibrator. ...