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Smart mouth 12 hours on the go mouthwash packets, fresh breath, Oral Hygiene
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    Smart mouth 12 hours on the go mouthwash packets, fresh breathSmart Mouth Mouthwash can be used to effectively fight against dental problems and bad breath anytime and anywhere. Whether it's common or chronic bad breath, you can easily get rid of it by rinsing your mouth with this mouthwash. This mouthwash provides a 12 hour protection against bad breath and gives you fresh breath throughout the day.This mouthwash helps you to avoid the embarrassment from obnoxious morning breath. Moreover,...

    SmartMouth 12-hour fresh breath mouthwash, fresh cinnamon, Oral Hygiene
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      SmartMouth 12-hour fresh breath mouthwash, fresh cinnamonSmart Mouth Mouthwash is an effective formula that can eliminate bad breath bacteria. Use this mouthwash to keep and stay fresh for at least 12 hours after every rinse. It causes no danger to dentures and leaves no stains on teeth. This mouthwash makes a great choice to get rid of mouth germs and bad breath.Features:Removes bad breath.Kills germs.Easy to use and effective. ...

      SmartMouth activated mouthwash 12hour fresh breath - 16 ea
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        SmartMouth activated mouthwash 12hour fresh breathHelps prevent plaque that leads to Gingivitis, an early form of gum disease and Bleeding gums.The first and only mouthwash to combine advanced germ-killing benefits with 12 hours of fresh breath.Consists of two solutions.When the solutions are mixed just before rinsing, the smart-zinc technology is activated for a remarkable fresh breath experience.Rinse in the morning for fresh breath all day; rinse at night and wake up without bad breath no...

        SmartMouth Fluoride Toothpaste, Great Mint Flavor, Oral Hygiene
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          SmartMouth whitening Toothpaste, Great Mint FlavorSmartMouth whitening toothpaste with fluoride answers all of your toothpaste needs. It contains fluoride to protect your teeth from cavities, it contains additional zinc ions to boost your fresh breath, and it helps remove stains to reveal the natural whiteness of your teeth.Regular brushing with SmartMouth Whitening Toothpaste with Fluoride will provide you with a whiter and brighter smile, and the taste of fresh mint gives you a refreshing...

          SmartMouth mouthwash, great mint flavor, Oral Hygiene
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            SmartMouth mouthwash, great mint flavorMouthwash can provide 24-hour fresh breath with regular, twice-daily use. For a Healthier State-of-Mouth. Elimination and prevention of bad breath. Can provide 24 hours of fresh breath when used as directed.Long-Lasting Mouthwash.Clinically Proven Zinc Ion Technology.Alcohol Free.Must mix just before rinsing.Dentist Recommended.2-Bottle, 2-Pump System. 8 fl oz per Solution.Faster, Cleaner, Easier than Pouring.Use Regularly Twice a Day.Effective for Common...