Proper Denture Care
Dentures are made of porous plastic and can retain plaque if not cleaned properly. Dentures can be quite delicate; therefore, extra care should be taken when you are cleaning them. View our to know tips for proper Denture Care.

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Benzodent Denture Adhesive Ointment - 1 Oz
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Benzodent Ointment
    Benzodent Denture pain relieving cream is used for full, partial and immediate dentures.
    Butler G-U-M Denture Brush 201R - 1 Ea
    Retail: $3.43
    Our Price:$1.76
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    Butler G-U-M Oral Care
      Shred-resistant fibers reduce shredding and breaking.
      Eco-Dent Between Gum Sugar Free Assorted Display - Trial - 100 X 2 Ea
      Retail: $40.56
      Our Price:$28.54
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      Eco dent Oral Care
        Helps to remove plaque, clean and polish teeth and neutralize acids in the mouth.
        Efferdent Power Clean Crystals Anti Bacterial Denture Cleanser, Icy Mint - 48 Ea
        Retail: $8.75
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        Efferdent Tablets
          Reduce plaque buildup and remove food particles that can cause gum irritation.
          Ezo Denture Cushions Lower Heavy, Dentures Care
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            Helps to recreate the natural vacuum that keeps dentures in place.
            Fixodent Denture Adhesive Cream, Neutral, Dentures Care
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            Fixodent Adhesive Cream
              Provides comfort by cushioning the dentures and hold dentures strong all day.
              Fixodent Dentures Adhesive Cream Free Of Artificial Flavor, Twin Pack, Dentures Care
              Retail: $12.15
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              Fixodent Adhesive Cream
                Use once a day for all day hold. Also, free of artificial flavors and colors. Fixodent and forget it!
                Fixodent extra hold denture adhesive powder, Oral Hygiene
                Retail: $7.23
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                Fixodent Powders
                  Extra hold denture adhesive powder guarantees a strong, thin and airtight seal.
                  Kleenite Denture Cleanser Powder - 6 Oz
                  Retail: $4.66
                  Our Price:$3.00
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                    Kleenite works quickly and economically to get your dentures cleaner, brighter, and whiter.
                    Lunaguard Nighttime Dental Protector, Dentures Care
                    Retail: $43.44
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                      Helps to provide protection against nighttime teeth grinding.
                      Polident denture cleanser tablets for partials, Oral Hygiene
                      Retail: $4.68
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                        Polident denture cleanser tablets provide cleans tough stains on tooth and metal partial surfaces and freshens partials.
                        Sea-Bond lowers denture adhensive wafers, fresh mint, Oral Hygiene
                        Retail: $7.42
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                        Sea Bond Denture adhesive
                          Strong hold with no pasty ooze and holds tight.
                          SleepRight No-Boil Dental Guard, Dentures Care
                          Retail: $34.85
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                            Protects dental work from teeth grinding and clenching.
                            Stain Away Plus denture cleaner 40 cleanings, Dentures Care
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                              Stain Away Plus denture cleanser 380% more effective than tablets, kills 99% of germs that cause bad denture odor.
                              StainAway plus professional strength denture cleanser powder, Oral Hygiene
                              Retail: $5.64
                              Our Price:$3.90
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                                Fast acting cleanser that whitens and brightens dentures like new plus kills odor causing germs, safe for metal partials.
                                Super poligrip denture adhesive cream, original, 0.75 oz
                                Retail: $3.56
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                                Super Poligrip
                                  Super strong, all-day hold with the ooze-control tip.
                                  Super poligrip extra care denture adhesive cream with poliseal, 1.2 oz
                                  Retail: $5.12
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                                  Super Poligrip
                                    Helps Prevent Gum Irritation.
                                    Super Strength Dentur Fit adhesive cream, Original, Oral Hygiene
                                    Retail: $5.55
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                                      It provides a firmer, stronger adhesive seal for a secure, comfortable fit using natural Karaya Gum.