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Farleys & Sathers Rain-Blo LolliPops, Chocolates and Candy
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Sathers RainBlo Lollipops

MANUFACTURER: FARLEY'S & SATHER'S CANDY CO. INDICATIONS: Farleys & Sathers Rain-Blo LolliPopsRain-blo pops. Bubble gum pops in rainbow colors. These rainbow colored bubble gum pops are a great treat for kids. The wonderful rain bow pops that have such a great taste. In Assorted Flavors. Candy Is Non-Returnable. Sathers is 'Candy Store Candy' at its best. Manufactured by Falrey & Sathers. You will feel like a kid in a candy store as you browse through our selection of lip smacking candy...

Sathers Candy Bubble Rain Blo Pops, Candy and Lollipops
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Sathers RainBlo Lollipops

    Sathers Candy Bubble Rain Blo PopsExcluding flat-headed lollipopsBagged candyTasts goodGreat candy made by the farleys and sathers candy company