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Lanacane anti-bacterial first aid spray, aerosal, First Aid OTC
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Lanacane Cream

    Lanacane anti-bacterial first aid spray, aerosalStops pain, soothes and cools instantly.Maximum strength formula brings fast relief from pain and itching due to minor cuts, scrapes, sunburn, burns, insect bites, poison ivy and other skin irritations.Anti-bacterial action kills germs to help prevent infection.Provides soothing, cooling relief on contact.Contains skin moisturizing aloe and Vitamin E.Spray action allows for application of medicine to areas that may be too sensitive to rub with...

    Lanacane anti-chafing gel, non greasy - 1 oz
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    Lanacane Cream

      Lanacane anti-chafing gel, non greasySoothes and Prevents Chafing.Soreness from skin rubbing on skin and skin on clothing.Anti-Friction Formula - Dries On Contact.Feels Silky - Long-Lasting Comfort.Non-Greasy - Non-Staining, Moisture-Proof.Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel prevents chafing caused by a friction such as repeated rubbing of skin on skin or skin on clothing..It helps skin heal itself by reducing further damage from chafing.Special anti-friction formula dries clear on contact and provides...

      Lanacane maximum strength anti-itch cream - 1 oz
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      Lanacane Cream

        Lanacane maximum strength anti-itch creamTemporary relieves pain and itching.First aid to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns.Anti bacterial kills germs hydrocortisones.