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Johnson And Johnson Coach Sports Tape -  1.5 Inchs X 10
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Johnsons Coach

    MANUFACTURER: J&J HEALTHCARE. INDICATIONS: Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape - 1. 5 inchs X 10 Cloth tape for heavy duty taping needs. Helps prevent sprains and protects injured areas. COACH Sports Tape is a high quality, breathable cloth tape that is used by professional athletic trainers to protect joints from injury/sprains and provide support to help speed recovery after injury. DIRECTIONS: Apply to skin that has been thoroughly cleansed and is free of hair. Place tape on smoothly as...

    Johnson Coach Self-Adhering Elastic Bandage Of Size: 2 Inch X 2.2 Yards - 1 Ea
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    Johnsons Coach

      Johnson coach self-adhering elastic bandage of size: 2 inch X 2.2 yardsInterlocking system allows the wrap to stick only to itself and not to skin, hair or clothing. Provides excellent support and compression to strains, sprains and sore muscles. Uses no clips or pins.Washable and reusable. 7928-2 inches - Used for Ankle, wrist, Elbows 7929-3 - Used for Knee, Thigh, Ribs.