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Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant - 8 Oz
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    Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant: Enables a new level of confidence and security with a proven odor neutralizer and pouch lubricant that helps keep the pouch interior clean. Lubrication eases emptying and helps prevent pouch static and sticking. Deodorant works by neutralizing the odor, not a perfume or masking agent.

    Skin Gel Protective Dressing Wipes, HOL7917 - 50 ea
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      MANUFACTURER: HOLLISTER INC. INDICATIONS: Skin Gel Protective Dressing Wipes, HOL7917 Product BenefitsProtects skin by forming a thin semi-permeable polymer coating over the skin before applying tapes or skin barriers. Prevents skin stripping resulting from frequent removal of tapes or skin barriers. Easy to use in a convenient wipe package. Product FeaturesStock No. : 7917Packaging: carton containing 50 wipesUnit of Measure: box containing 12 cartonsRecommended for Home UseProduct has...