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Fungicure Anti-Fungal Liquid, Maximum Strength, Foot Care
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    Fungicure Anti-Fungal Liquid, Maximum StrengthIt is help eliminate fungus infections of the finger and toe areas.For the cure of ringworm (tinea corporis) and athlete's foot (tinea pedis) affecting finger and toe areas.It is relief of itching, scaling, cracking, burning, redness, soreness, irritation, and discomforts, which may accompany these conditions.Features:Non oilyThe finger and toe fungi specialistDr. RecommendedDries quicklyContains aloe and vitamin E ...

    Fungi Cure Intensive Anti Fungal Treatment Easy Pump Spray, Foot Care
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      MANUFACTURER: ALVA-AMCO PHARMACAL COFungi Cure Intensive Anti Fungal Treatment Easy Pump SprayStrong medicine for cure of most finger and toe area fungal infections.Kills fungus where reachable with mediated spray liquid.Highly effective on infected surfaces around, adjacent to and under nails.For healthy looking fingers and toes.

      FungiCure Liquid Gel Anti Fungal treament, Foot Care
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        FungiCure Liquid Gel Anti Fungal treamentIncluding on skin around nail edges and under nail tips where the fungus can be reached by direct application with the precision FungiCure QuickBrush applicatorFungiCure helps eliminate fungal infections of the finger and toe areas which, if left untreated, can migrate to healthy skin and nailsSo fingers need never touch affected areas. FungiCure Liquid Gel is crystal clear, dries fast and leaves no unsightly mess or unpleasant medicinal odor. ...