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Ross Nutritional osmolite 1.2 cal high Protein nutrition liquid, Vitamins
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MANUFACTURER: ROSS NUTRITIONAL . INDICATIONS: OSMOLITE 1. 2 CAL is a complete, balanced high-protein, low-residue formula for tube-fed patients who may benefit from increased protein and calories. For tube feeding For supplemental or sole-source nutrition May be used for oral feeding of patients with altered taste perception . Features: Concentrated calories (1. 2 Cal/mL) and high in protein (18. 5% of Cal) to help people gain and maintain healthy weight. Protein is needed for lean body tissue...

Osmolite HN High Nitrogen Liquid Nutrition, by Ross Nutritional - 8 Oz x 24Cans/Case
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MANUFACTURER: ROSS NUTRITIONAL. INDICATIONS: Osmolite HN High Nitrogen Liquid Nutrition - OSMOLITE HN PLUS is a high-nitrogen, low-residue liquid formula for tube-fed patients who may benefit from a moderate increase in protein and caloric density. The Total calorie/nitrogen (Cal/N) ratio of OSMOLITE HN (135: 1) has been demonstrated to maintain nitrogen balance in long-term tube-fed patients. 1 The amino acid profile of the protein system in OSMOLITE HN meets or surpasses the standard amino...