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Isosource 1.5 cal high calorie liquid vanilla formula, lactose free with fiber, Diet and Nutritional Supplements
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MANUFACTURER: NOVARTIS NUTRITION. INDICATIONS: Isosource 1. 5 Cal Liquid Vanilla is a high-calorie, high-nitrogen, complete liquid formula with fiber. Primary Indications: Pulmonary conditions Volume intolerance/Fluid Restriction Elevated caloric and protein needs Shortened feeding schedulesFeatures: 8 oz cans High-calorie, high-nitrogen, liquid formula Primary Indications include pulmonary conditions VanillaINGREDIENTS: Water, hydrolyzed cornstarch, sodium and calcium caseinates, sucrose,...

Isosource HN High Nutrition Liquid Cans - 24 X 250 ml
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MANUFACTURER: NOVARTIS NUTRITION. INDICATIONS: Isosource High Nutrition Liquid Cans - Isosource HN is a high-nitrogen, isotonic, complete liquid formula with fiber, designed to meet the needs of patients with increased protein requirements. Caloric Distribution: Protein: 25% (Sodium and Calcium Caseinates) Carbohydrate: 50% (Hydrolyzed Cornstarch) Fat: 25% (Canola Oil, MCT) Caloric Density: 1. 0 cal/mL Nonprotein Calorie: Nitrogen Ratio: 77: 1 Water Content: 847 mL/1000 mL 100% RDI*: 1250 mL...