Baby Thermometer and Its Significance

There are many probabilities of getting a fever, particularly when there is seasonal change. So, it's quite possible that baby's

temperature may rise. Your first job as a parent here is to calculate the temperature, a simple baby thermometer will be

sufficient for you in doing this job, View our to gain more knowledge on purchasing thermometers.

Conversely, a specialized baby thermometer might be very helpful and prove to be good alternative for you.

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Braun Forehead Thermometer For Infants, Children and Adult, FHT1000 - 1 Ea
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    Braun Forehead Thermometer For Infants, Children and Adult, FHT1000It is designed to measure the temperature of the skin surface over the temporal artery, a major artery of the head. This temporal artery is connected to the heart, offers constant blood flow, and is the only artery positioned close enough to the skin surface to provide an accurate temperature measurement. Fever Guidance Large color-coded screen with instant fever detection. A green screen indicates no fever is detected, yellow...

    Geratherm Thermometer Digital Pacifier, Daisy Color, Baby Health and FirstAid
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    Geratherm Thermometers

      Geratherm Thermometer Digital Pacifier, Daisy ColorPacifier thermometer for gentle temperature measurementWith visual fever indicator (green, yellow, red).Baby pacifier with orthodontic nipple design, made of hard-wearing silicon.100% waterproof.High accuracy: +/- 0.1 °C.Materials certified as non-toxic (no bisphenol A).Memory of last measurement.Beeps when ready.Switches off automatically.Measuring range: 32.0°C to 43.9 deg;C.Protective cover for hygienic storage. ...

      Mabis Digital Baby Pacifier Thermometer, Baby Health and FirstAid
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        Mabis Digital Baby Pacifier ThermometerIt is clinical accuracy, memory recall of last reading and waterproof design for easy cleaning.It is features include clinical accuracy, memory recall of last reading, waterproof design.It is self contained battery is covered for added safety.

        Munchkin The Medicator 0+ Months Baby Medicine - 1 Ea
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        Munchkin Baby

          MANUFACTURER: MUNCHKIN. INDICATIONS: Features of Munchkin The Medicator 0+ Months Baby Medicine: Ideal for dispensing medicine to baby. Safe and easy. Pediatrician designed. Munchkins Medicator provides the safest, easiest and most accurate way to orally medicate your baby. The pediatrician designed Medicator allows baby to swallow medicine at a safe flow rate through a nipple, bypassing most taste buds, so there is less gagging and spitting up. Liquid is sealed inside the Medicator so baby...

          Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer, #V934, Diagnostic Products, Health Monitors
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          Vicks Thermometer

            Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer, #V934Specifically designed for taking babies rectal temperatures. Short probe tip protects from over insertion. Takes readings in about 10 seconds.Safer and easier baby temperatures.Ages birth to 3.Short probe tip for safety.Insertion guard.Large display with backlight for nighttime readings.Beeps when ready.Memory recall.Waterproof probe.Comfort-Flex tip.Lifetime Guarantee.10-second readings.Easy to hold and use.Professional Accuracy.Storage case.The Vicks Baby...

            Vicks Wearable Children Thermometers V935, Diagnostic Products, Baby Health and FirstAid
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            Vicks Thermometer

              Vicks Wearable Children Thermometers V935Vicks wearable thermometer continously monitors temperature for up to 48 hours per thermometer, can check temperature while child sleeps, safe, gentle medical-grade adhesive is latex-free and hypoallergenic.Wearable, disposable underarm thermometers.Continuously monitors temperature.Can check temperature while baby sleeps.Accurate - used by hospitals worldwide.Safe, gentle, medical-grade adhesive is latex-free, hypoallergenic and meets FDA...

              Vicks Pacifier Thermometer, #V925P, Baby Health and FirstAid
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              Vicks Thermometer

                Vicks Pacifier Thermometer, #V925PVicks Pacifier Digital Thermometer is safe and easy to use, beep lets you know when it is done, professional accuracy, memory recalls remembers last reading.Safe 1-piece construction.2-minute readings.Professional accuracy within 0.2 degrees F.Memory recall.