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Twix Chocolate Bites, Candy and Lollipops
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Twix Peanut

    MANUFACTURER: MASTERFOODS USTwix Chocolate BitesCrispy crunchy cookie, smooth creamy chocolate, and delicious chewy caramel.The delicious taste is perfect when you want to Pause.

    Twix chocolate caramel cookie bar, Chocolates and Candy
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    Twix Peanut

    Twix chocolate caramel cookie barConsists of two thin parallel bars, with a cookie on the bottom, caramel on top, and a chocolate coating all around.It is a nice combination of tastes, with some mild cookie crunch mixed in.It is usually hard to avoid eating both of the candy bars.Twix chocolate caramel cookie bars is a cookie trenched with caramel covered in chocolate.36 cookie bars per box, 2 oz a cookie bar.Chocolate and Caramel Cookie Bars.Very nice chocolate smell.0000 ...