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Pretz nasal moisturizing spray, Cough and Cold
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    MANUFACTURER: PRANELL PHARMACEUTICALS INC.INDICATIONS: Pretz Nasal Moisturizing Spray Features: It is a unique moisturizer designed to soothe and soften nasal tissue and reduce mucus dryness. Pretz Nasal Spray Formulated to help eliminate nasal crusting and congestion. Pretz Spray thins nasal secretions and helps inhibit post-nasal drip. The patented Pretz solution lubricates and soothes and can be used safely and as often as needed.INGREDIENTS: Glycerin-3, Yerba Santa Sodium Chloride, Sodium...

    Pretz Refill Moisturizing Nasal & Sinus Solution with Yerba Santa - 32 Oz
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      Pretz Refill Moisturizing Nasal and Sinus Solution with Yerba Santa provides for crusting, dryness of nasal and sinus conditions.