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Petersons dry skin ointment tin, Pain and Fever
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    MANUFACTURER: OAKHURST CO.INDICATIONS: Peterson's Ointment temporarily relieves dry, irritated and itching skin. Helps prevent skin infection in minor burns, scrapes and cuts. Peterson's Ointment gives temporary relief of itching and discomfort associated with piles and hemorrhoids. INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients: Camphor 3% (Anti-Itching), Phenol 2. 5% (Anesthetic), Tannic Acid 2. 5% (Astringent), Zinc Oxide 6. 6% (Astringent). Inactive Ingredients: Beeswax, Lavender Oil. DIRECTIONS: When...

    Petersons hemorrhoidal ointment tube, Pain and Fever
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      MANUFACTURER:  LEE PHARMACEUTICAL CO. INDICATIONS: Petersons Hemorrhoidal Ointment Tube for local application to help relieve the itching and discomfort of rectal irritation and also irritation of hemorrhoids. Helps promote healing of cut, cracked and irritated skin, and external piles. INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients: Zinc Oxide 6. 62%; Camphor 3. 00%; Carbolic Acid 2. 52%; Tannic Acid 2. 21%. Inactive Ingredients: Petrolatum; Bees Wax; Lavender Oil. WARNINGS: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Do...