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Lavenir healthy hair cream for thinning hair - 4 oz
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Lavenir SkinCare

    MANUFACTURER: LAVENIR SKINCARE.INDICATIONS: Lavenir healthy hair cream for thinning hairWe created our Healthy Hair Cream after significant research into how hair grows and normally functions.Basically, hair goes through three phases during its life.The first phase is called the Anagen or growth phase and usually lasts for up 3-4 years for normal healthy hair.During this time the hair is growing and we cut it, and it continues to grow some more.The second phase is known as the catagen or...

    Lavenir ultra soothe for arthiritis, muscle aches, joint pains and backache,  Condition Specific Supplements
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    Lavenir SkinCare

      For Arthiritis, Muscle, Joint Pains and Back Ache The concept behind ultra soothe comes from the study of how muscles grow and repair themselves.A muscle or joint that is causing pain is usually inflamed and requires many nutrients to heal and repair it self.The body naturally tries to send nutrients to the problem area, but often times the body does not have enough nutrients to repair it self rapidly. Thus, we must add additional nutrients from external sources.Ultra soothe helps rush these...