Kerodex # 51 Dry Or Oily Skin Protectant Cream Tube, Itch, Rash and Bite Treatments

Kerodex # 51 Dry Or Oily Skin Protectant Cream Tube - 4 Oz (AXPB10100)

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MANUFACTURER: PRESTIGE BRANDS. INDICATIONS:Kerodex # 51 dry or oily skin protectant cream tubeA nongreasy, invisible cream for dry or oily work. Specially designed to help hands stay moisturized and soothed when working with grease, dirt and grime. ...
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Good stuff!

Great barrier cream for mechanic work; best I've found to protect skin from oil and grease, and makes cleaning hands after work much easier, especially if you've rubbed it in around fingernails. You lose protection if it gets wet-consider using PVC gloves if you have to work in water, otherwise wash hands and reapply.

Reviews 1-1 of 1