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Moisturel Therapeutic Lotion, Dry Sensitive Skin Formula - 14 Oz

Moisturel therapeutic lotion, dry sensitive skin formula - 14 Oz (151084)

5.00 stars, based on 2 reviews
MANUFACTURER: WARNER CHILCOTT.INDICATIONS: Moisturel therapeutic lotion, dry sensitive skin formula effectively heals and moisturizes. Fragrance free protection. Dermatologist recommended. Quick absorbing, long lasting moisturel leaves the skin...
Reviews 1-2 of 2

Great product......

I've tried them all, and now I own multiple bottles of this placed in nearly every room in my house. It goes on smooth, not greasy, and truly moisturizes. My skin feels soft and not sticky after putting it on. It even softens really rough areas like elbows and heels. I will never use another body lotion again.


Moisturel Changed My Life (No Joke)

I'll be frank: my skin sucks. I was born with eczema; I've struggled with breakouts for 30+ years; and I developed atopic dermatitis during my first pregnancy. Thankfully, most people are unaware of my issues, but it didn't come easy. For the first 18 years of my life, various dermatologists gave me every lotion known to mankind, including prescription ones costing small fortunes, and all of them caused more problems than they solved. Then a pharmacist recommended Moisturel. I've been using it for over 20 years now, and I have yet to find a fragrance-free, oil-free lotion that works as well. It absorbs completely, moisturizes all day long, doesn't cause breakouts or rashes, and doesn't look weird under my makeup. My skin is aging a lot better than many of my peers, and Moisturel has undoubtedly played a role in that. Sadly, it's become increasingly difficult to find, so in an attempt to develop a back-up plan, I always try every new fragrance-free, oil-free face lotion that comes on the market, and I always regret it. I would gladly pay five times the price for this stuff. It's just that good.

Reviews 1-2 of 2