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Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar - 6 oz

Purpose Gentle Skin Cleansing Bar Soap - 6 Oz (146555)

5.00 stars, based on 2 reviews
MANUFACTURER: J&J HEALTHCARE. INDICATIONS: Gentle Cleansing. This mild, effective lathering bar removes dirt and oil without over-drying. It won't clog pores. Unlike some beauty bars, PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Bar is 100% oil free and...
Reviews 1-2 of 2

Saved my skin

I had severe acne for many years, and this is what completely cleared it up. All I do is wash my face gently with this soap in the shower every night and put the Purpose dual treatment lotion on afterwards while my skin is still slightly damp. My skin looks awesome now. It used to be so terrible, and I wasted a lot of money on acne washes that only irritated my skin and made my acne worse. Sometimes acne is caused by using harsh products, so if the acne washes aren't working for you, try just using Purpose soap and lotion and nothing else to see if the worsening or cause of your acne is the acne products themselves. Wish someone would have given me this advice when I had problems!

This is the perfect soap to use!!

This soap was recommended to me by my doctor and I love it. I don't feel any soap scum and feel cleaner because of that. My wife's face used to break out when using our old Dove soap but now that's all gone.

Reviews 1-2 of 2