Black And White Bleaching Cream with Hydroquinone  1.5 Oz

Black And White Bleaching Cream With Hydroquinone 1.5 Oz (124693)

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Black And White Bleaching Cream with Hydroquinone In convenient tube.For a smooth, even complexion tone. Black and White Bleaching Cream lightens-brightens darkened skin areas and helps fade unsightly freckles.It's a greaseless vanishing cream that...
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Black & White Bleaching Cream w/ Hydroquinone is superb!

I never write product reviews... this may be my first. The reason I felt compelled to is because this product is superb. I have had acne issues for years. And the scarring takes forever to heal, so I got use to wearing cover-up constantly. And I have tried just about every medication and ointment under the sun (Proactive, RetinA, Differin, countless others). About a month ago, I went to Walgreens and decided to try new products as my Mary Kay had not yet come in. I bought the Black & White Bleaching Cream and Cetaphil Antibacterial Facial Bar Soap. With that combination, my skin has never looked better. I couldn't be happier. I'm almost out, and went to multiple Walgreens tonight to try to find your product. The last one I went to had it, but they were sold out!

Reviews 1-1 of 1