Optivite Pmt tablets for women, Vitamins

Optivite Pmt Tablets For Women - 180 Each, 3 Pack (AXOC207779[3])

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MANUFACTURER: OPTIMAX CORPORATION. INDICATIONS: Optivite PMT is the first multivitamin - multimineral supplement formulated for use by women with Premenstrual tension syndromes. INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients: Per 6 Tablets: Vitamin A 12, 500 IU,...
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Minneapolis, MN

an excellent vitamin but a lot to swallow

<p>This is a very good vitamin. My doctor prescribed it for me when I was struggling with adrenal fatigue and wants me to continue on it now that I'm pregnant (and afterward). I was taking a chewable prenatal vitamin while I had morning sickness, because I found 6 Optivite tablets a day a bit much too swallow. It's obvious from the labels that Optivite is a much better choice, but I still hate swallowing them, and taking them crushed is even worse. But I've noticed that some of my pregnancy symptoms (like my constant runny nose) have abated since I started taking it.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1