Free And Clear Hair Spray Soft, Easy Hold, Styling Aids

Free And Clear Hair Spray Soft, Easy Hold - 8 Oz (AXVA798009)

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MANUFACTURER: PHARMACEUTICAL SPECIALTIES. INDICATIONS: Free & Clear Hair Spray Soft, Easy Hold is perfect for anyone with eczema, psoraisis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis or anyone just looking for a more gentle alternative for hair care. It...
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Nothing wrong with the product, the problem is you, an outfit run by someone with a suspiciously Indian sounding name. You charged me $260 for shipping 2 bottles of hairspray and 2 boxes of Rogaine. The actual postage was not visible on the package, but I'm sure you didn't pay more than $40 at most. My misfortune was that I did not notice this outrageous amount on my Internet order. I will make an utmost effort to buy somewhere else in the future. I know India well. Cheating in business is a national sport.

Reviews 1-1 of 1